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It's no wonder EFT is spreading around the world like wild fire, with an 85-97% success rate, people everywhere are starting to hear about EFT and the many benefits it offers. Resolving issues such as: 
Stress and Anxiety



Physical Pain

Emotional Pain

Weight loss

PTSD and Trauma

EFT is safe, gentle and effective. 

Client Reviews

Curt M.

I have personally studied EFT to help me heal physical and mental problems that have afflicted me from years of active participation in many types of athletics and high level recreation in the mountains and on the sea. After I successfully experienced Donnie's alacrity, sensitivity, and precision of the tool of EFT, I asked Donnie to attend a support group that I have been facilitating for several years. The needs of that group ran the gamut of challenges faced by those with mental and emotional challenges. I was able to see Donnie intuitively connect to several of those attendees. He not only taught them EFT, he actually significantly reduced their effects of trauma right on the spot. Donnie is a powerful , empathic, intuitive healer. He is an expert of the modality of EFT.

Melissa M.

An EFT Session with Donnie was so much more than just EFT, it is a complete healing session with so many different aspects. You gain a deeper understanding of your next step in your healing. He draws on so much experience and understanding and is a gifted individual. His patience and kindness creates a space that allows you to be open and vulnerable while still feeling safe. The way he sees things is unlike any other healer I've worked with and has allowed me to see a different perspective and shift out of life long patterns. I am so thankful I took the leap and booked a session with him. 

Trevor H.

As someone living with the residual effects of extreme trauma for nearly 30 years, I can confidently recommend Donnie Summers as an effective EFT healing practitioner for anyone struggling with PTSD and/or chronic pain or anxiety. His ability to 'speak from experience' makes applying the tools and techniques offered in his sessions, real....from the start.

With Donnie's help, I was introduced to 'tapping', and within minutes of our first session I was able to change my mind, which changed my thoughts. I could for the first time in my extensive healing journey, see and feel undeniable results and positive changes. Working together we were able to generate dramatic improvements in both my pain threshold and anxiety levels,

Donnie has presented me with technology tools, tips, and guidance that I am ready to use to compliment the EFT technique. I have found Donnie to be trustworthy, patient, and very knowledgeable about dealing with PTSD, a sensitive topic. He has helped provide hope and a path out of darkness; one worth taking. I am grateful and am looking forward to continued progress in our future sessions.

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